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“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 
Matthew 11:28

What is Crossings Recovery?

Crossings Recovery prioritizes the power of Jesus through the holy Spirit to raise hope from the dead. Crossings Recovery is an organic, living program, representing a living God.

Crossings Recovery works through a 12 step recovery process to promote healthy change, centered around the "3 P's": the POWER of Recovery, the PEOPLE of Recovery, and the PROCESS of Recovery.

Our program harnesses the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ and His word to create a living, organic process for reaching and ministering to an ever-changing world.

Who is Crossings Recovery For?

Crossings Recovery is a church based program that connects broken people to the Power, People, and Process of the Christ-centered 12 steps.

Crossings Recovery is not defined by a particular issue such as drugs or alchohol, but by a process that works for any issue that breaks a person. And since all of us are broken in some area of our lives, Crossings Recovery is not just for anyone; it's for everyone!

People Groups vs
Process Groups

People Groups

People Groups are an essential component of recovery, available to everyone, every week, regardless of where one might be in their recovery journey. Simply join us any Wednesday at noon or Friday night, in-person or online, and attend a people group after the Power Group session. There is no prep work or signups. Just come as you are, ready for recovery!

  • Wednesdays at Noon
  • Fridays at 7PM
    • Childcare provided​

    • Dinner starts at 6PM

Process Groups

Process Groups are small group sessions for working intentionally through the 12 steps. They are scheduled for the same day, time, and location each week and last approximately 4-6 months. The same group of people will participate from beginning to end, allowing participants to form strong bonds for support and accountability. Process Groups utilize the Recovery Alive! handbook and require both individual work and group sharing.

Which one is for me?

All of the above! Since People and Process Groups are designed to support you in different ways throughout your recovery journey, we highly recommend participation in both.

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